[xsl] Re: [FO] Background image on whole page

Subject: [xsl] Re: [FO] Background image on whole page
From: Vincent Hennebert <vincent.hennebert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 11:14:15 +0000
>> Well you can also use an absolutely positioned block-container with
>> a background-image; for example:
> Considering section 4.9.6 of the specification, I'm not confident this 
> is guaranteed to work as desired by the original poster.
> Perhaps adding z-index="-1" to the above will change the stacking 
> layer sufficiently that the following blocks are not in conflict ... 
> but your example of putting this a the start of the flow means that 
> the background image is only going to be on the first page and not on 
> every page.

... Indeed! Didnbt think of that :-\

> If you then make the decision to move the specification of the 
> absolutely-positioned block container to one of the perimeter areas 
> and static content, so that it appears on every page, there may still 
> be a problem:  someone on the committee told me that there is no 
> guarantee that the unspecified z-index of a perimeter region is less 
> than the unspecified z-index of the body region.

And not even, apparently, that a lower z-index on e.g. the 
region-beforebs content will make it appear below the content of the 
region-body. Since IIUC the stacking contexts arenbt the same.

> Perhaps a combination of the block-container, in a perimeter region, 
> with a lower z-index than the content of the body region (which 
> 7.30.18 implies is zero) would do the trick.  I'd appreciate it if 
> someone on the committee would comment on this.

Indeed, actually this is not obvious whether the trick above will work 
or not. In practice it should be tested with the FO processor that will 
be used in production. bYour mileage may vary.b


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