[xsl] [Announce] Qizx/db 2.0 Released

Subject: [xsl] [Announce] Qizx/db 2.0 Released
From: Olivier Ishacian <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 15:49:55 +0100
XMLmind is pleased to announce the release of Qizx/db 2.0,
an XML database engine fully supporting XML Query.

Qizx/db is an embeddable, high-speed, native XML database
engine written in Java[tm], with the querying and processing
capabilities of a fully fledged XQuery (W3C XML Query)

Qizx/db is designed for software developments which require
advanced XML querying and processing capabilities. It can be
used in servlet/J2EE environment or can be directly embedded
in Java applications.

Qizx/db supports main XML standards, works with very
voluminous documents as well as very large collections of
small documents, performs concurrent updates and queries
within ACID transactions, features many built-in extensions
and extensibility mechanisms.

Qizx/db is available in several editions:

* The commercial product has liberal licenses both for
 corporate application development, and for royalty-free
 distributable products.

* The Free Engine edition is a fully functional version of
 Qizx/db which can be used for developing or in
 production. It is limited in database size (one gigabyte
 of XML approximately).

* In addition, Qizx/open is an open-source version of the
 XML Query interpreter of Qizx/db. Qizx/open has been
 available since 2003 and is recognized as one of the top
 fastest and most advanced XML Query implementations.

Main features:

* Automatic indexing allowing full-speed querying out of the

* DTD or XML schema not required.

* Full-text querying.

* Passes over 99.9% of the official XQuery Test Suite (W3C).

* ACID transactions and query isolation.

* Many extensions and extensibility mechanisms.

* Java API; Requires Java 1.4.2+.

Please visit http://www.xmlmind.com/qizx/ for more

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