[xsl] how to get detailed information of XSL by javascript

Subject: [xsl] how to get detailed information of XSL by javascript
From: shiwudao <shiwudao@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 03:04:13 +0000
Hi, Anybody knows how to get detailed error message when I use Javascript/XSLTProcessor() under Firefox.

For example, I wrote a XSL1.0 XSL file like:
    ... < xsl:if test=" $ level & g t 2 "> ...
There should be " & gt; ", but I wrote " & g t "

When I call
    var xsltProcessor = new XSLTProcessor();

There will throw an exception with the error message: XSLT-Component returned failure code: 0x80600001 [nsIXSLTProcessor.importStylesheet]
I do not think this information can give more about the error reason.

But in the error console of FireFox, it will display an error message like:
error: source:http s:// xxx.xxx.xxx.com:xxx/xxx/xsl/test.xsl
line:45 column:27
source:  --------------------------^

The question is how can get this error message by javascript? thank you.


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