[xsl] ANN: RenderX announces first Beta releases of DataStyler and XML Report Generator.

Subject: [xsl] ANN: RenderX announces first Beta releases of DataStyler and XML Report Generator.
From: "Lyudmyla Novosilska" <lyudmylan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 20:59:18 +0200
RenderX, Inc., (http://www.renderx.com) is pleased to inform you about new
Beta products' availability - DataStyler 1.3.0 Beta and XML Report Generator
(XMLRG) 1.3.0 Beta are now released.

DataStyler is an application that uses Microsoft Word 2003/2007 for quick
creation of templates for variable data embedding. It is possible to pick up
data from an Oracle database and generate high-quality reports with data
merged on the fly in XML Report Generator (XMLRG).

XML Report Generator (XMLRG) is a web application that uses templates
created with Microsoft Word 2003/2007 for variable data merging from Oracle
DB 9i/10g. The application uses RenderX XEP
(http://www.renderx.com/tools/xep.html) to produce final reports in the PDF,
PostScript and AFP formats.

The main features of DataStyler are:
* Template design in Microsoft Word
The application uses the simple and widely-used environment of Microsoft
Word 2003-2007 for designing templates - no special editors, no programming
knowledge needed.

* Rich client interface
DataStyler is created with the rich client technology that features floating
windows, user views and perspectives, wizards, progress indicators,
workspace layout management (save/restore), automatic updates and so on.

* Data merge: filters, conditions and calculated fields The process of data
merge is of a declarative nature: It is possible to define conditions for
filters for embedded data, calculated fields (including totals and
subtotals), formatting masks, relations between different XML data fragments
(like 'one-to-one', 'one-to-many').

* Fast previewing of designed reports
Integration with the XEP rendering engine enables quick preview of the final
document in multiple output formats - PDF, PostScript, and AFP.

The main features of XML Report Generator (XMLRG) are:
* Web client
XMLRG uses a web interface to manage users' access to reports, data
manipulation (e.g. filtering data) and data merging process. The client side
was tested with the most popular internet browsers: Internet Explorer 6, 7;
Firefox 1.5, 2.0, Opera 8, Konqueror. The users can login from any computer
- only a web browser is needed.

* Easy deployment of the server side
The installer creates all repositories needed for the application's
successful work, including Tomcat configuration.

* Simple creation of report templates with Microsoft Word Tight integration
with DataStyler allows to design and modify report templates in the
well-known environment of Microsoft Word 2003/2007.

* Data embedding process: advanced features XMLRG allows creating not just
reports based on data stored in a databases, but also adding features like
filtering, master-details, calculated fields totals and subtotals,
formatting styles, SVG, etc.

* Multiple report output formats
XMLRG allows choosing different output formats defined by the XEP rendering
engine - PDF, Postscript, and AFP.

Developer's Kits

DataStyler API Beta (http://www.renderx.com/download/index.html) is a
command line utility intended to be used for data merge and reports
generation. This application uses templates created with DataStyler and XML
data source files to produce printable reports. It is a 100-percent Java
application and can be run on both Windows and Linux/Unix platforms.

XML Report Generator API (XMLRG API) Beta
(http://www.renderx.com/download/index.html) is a software library intended
for building custom report generating applications with an Oracle XML DB
backend and XEP for rendering functionality.

For more information, please visit our Web sites:
-       DataStyler: http://www.datastyler.com
-       XML Report Generator (XMLRG): http://www.xmlrg.com

Beta Versions Are Now Available
RenderX invites you to download XML Report Generator (XMLRG) 1.3.0 Beta and
DataStyler 1.3.0 Beta, so that you can see for yourself just how easy it is
to use the software for your needs. Please visit our Web site and try it!

Additional Information
* XEP XSL FO Formatter version 4.10 or later is required for PDF production.
Please refer our Web site for the system requirements of the XEP XSL FO

* Any browser-compatible PDF viewer is required for viewing generated PDF

Lyudmyla Novosilska,
RenderX Inc.

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