Subject: getAttribute()
From: Henning Behme <hb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 19:17:13 +0200

I am trying to create different views on a document containing a web
timeline, which I use for an upcoming article on XSL  in our magazine
(see sig). The structure of events is really simple,  something like the

<year which="1998">

<event cat="special" status="dayoff">

<!-- more events -->

Is it possible that you can't get hold of the second attribute using
msxsl? The first attribute (of one, admittedly) gets out fine via style
sheet, it is only the second one that the MS processor doesn't seem to
like particularly :-(

The error message looks like:

Script error: line = 1, col = 0 (line is offset from the SCRIPT tag)
Error returned from property or method call

The two parts of the style sheet are the following:

a)  in element "event" (this one works)
     <eval>ancestor("year", this).getAttribute("which")</eval>

b) in element "what"  (this one doesn't)
    <eval>ancestor("event", this).getAttribute("status")</eval>

Has anyone  experienced anything similar?

Best regards,
Henning Behme

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