Re: getAttribute()

Subject: Re: getAttribute()
From: Daniel Pitti <dvp4c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 07:42:23 -0400

If memory serves, there is a bug in the getAttribute function; if the
targeted attribute is not present on any of the target elements, you get
the error below. MS knows about it.


At 07:17 PM 4/5/1998 +0200, you wrote:
>I am trying to create different views on a document containing a web
>timeline, which I use for an upcoming article on XSL  in our magazine
>(see sig). The structure of events is really simple,  something like the
><year which="1998">
><event cat="special" status="dayoff">
>  <day>1</day>
>  <month>1</month>
>  <what>NewYear</what>
><!-- more events -->
>Is it possible that you can't get hold of the second attribute using
>msxsl? The first attribute (of one, admittedly) gets out fine via style
>sheet, it is only the second one that the MS processor doesn't seem to
>like particularly :-(
>The error message looks like:
>Script error: line = 1, col = 0 (line is offset from the SCRIPT tag)
>Error returned from property or method call
>The two parts of the style sheet are the following:
>a)  in element "event" (this one works)
>     <eval>ancestor("year", this).getAttribute("which")</eval>
>b) in element "what"  (this one doesn't)
>    <eval>ancestor("event", this).getAttribute("status")</eval>
>Has anyone  experienced anything similar?
>Best regards,
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