XSL and entities

Subject: XSL and entities
From: "Philippe Le Hégaret" <Philippe.Le_Hegaret@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 14:18:33 +0200
I'm currently working on an XML report. I use
my own DTD. To show an example, I introduced
the element 'code':
<!ELEMENT code (#PCDATA)*>
<!ATTLIST code

Here is an example of this element:

&lt;!ELEMENT paragraph (#PCDATA)*>

&lt;!ELEMENT item (paragraph)+>

&lt;!ELEMENT list (item)+>
&lt;!ATTLIST list
        type (ordered|unordered) "unordered">

  Now, I want to transform this document in LaTeX,
and HTML.

    <xsl:template match='code'>

    <xsl:template match='code'>

  The problem appears during the HTML transformation.
It produces this result :
<!ELEMENT paragraph (#PCDATA)*>

<!ELEMENT item (paragraph)+>

<!ELEMENT list (item)+>
<!ATTLIST list
        type (ordered|unordered) "unordered">      

  This is incorrect. If I put &amp;lt; , the LaTeX output
will be incorrect.

  Is there a XSL solution to do this ?


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