Subject: XSL:USE ?
From: Tyler Baker <tyler@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 09:02:04 -0400
"The xsl:define-attribute-set element defines a named set of attributes.
The name attribute specifies the name of the attribute set. The content
of the xsl:define-attribute-set element is an xsl:attribute-set element
that specifies the attributes. A literal result element or an
xsl:attribute-set element can specify an attribute set name as the value
of the xsl:use attribute."

OK this is all pretty clear to me, but the problem I have is that I am
confused by the XSL DTD Attlist declaration for an attribute set which
says that it has one attribute named xsl:use.

<!ELEMENT xsl:attribute-set EMPTY>

<!ATTLIST xsl:attribute-set

In the following example from the spec itself, you will notice that the
xsl:attribute-set has two attributes: font-size and font-weight.  Is
this an error?

The following example creates a named attribute set title-style and uses
it in a template rule.

<xsl:define-attribute-set name="title-style">
  <xsl:attribute-set font-size="12pt"

This only real issue I have here is how would a validating XML parser
handle this example since I would think that things would look more

<xsl:define-attribute-set name="title-style">
  <xsl:attribute-set xsl:use="font-size='12pt'

This appears to be an error but really I am not sure here.  How should a
validating XML parser handle this?


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