RE: alternating tags in a list?

Subject: RE: alternating tags in a list?
From: Andy Dent <dent@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 07:27:33 +0800
Didier PH Martin wrote:

>Andy Dent wrote
>>Just to point out that there is of course an existing object model for
>>scripting in the Mac, there are multiple scripting languages that conform
>>to it and most Mac applications are wired for it ...has nothing to do
>>with the Pascal function call interfaces of the low-level Mac API.
I was just correcting this minor point.

I should have also said that I agreed strongly with you that the lack of a
cross-platform scripting model is very annoying. I don't see that changing.

>So, my point was. It is possible to set one. If your point is that this
>interface _should_ be the Applescript interface why not?
Sadly, Apple might prevent use on Windows as it is an important competitive
interface. Also I'm cynical enough to believe that there's very little
chance of Windows apps being wired up to another protocol - it took years
for this to become important on the Mac and COM has too much momentum on

>Question: Do Perl or Python (sources are freely available) have an
>implementation already supporting the AppleScript interface?
Definitely. It's not the AppleScript interface BTW (AppleScript being an
English-like language that can access the interface) but the AppleEvent
interface. It's DOM-like with a strong generic object model.

Dave Winer's cross-platform scripting environment (Frontier) is a C-like
language supporting this on Mac, dunno how it plugs into Windows apps.

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