Re: Existing XSL processors

Subject: Re: Existing XSL processors
From: Sharon Adler <sca@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 18:36:02 -0500
Not yet that I know of. If this is incorrect please let me know.  Sharon

At 11:22 AM 1/14/99 +0100, anette.engel@xxxxxxxx wrote:
>Reading the XSL Draft of the w3 consortium it is said:
>"XSL is a lnaguage for expressing stylsheets. It consists of two parts:
>1. a language for transforming XML documents, and
>2. an XML vocabulary for specifiying formatting semantics"
>So far I had a look at XSL engines which implement the first part.
>Is there by any chance a XSL engine, which implements
>the second part too?
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