Re: Existing XSL processors

Subject: Re: Existing XSL processors
From: Joel Rosi-Schwartz <joel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 13:15:10 +0000
I am also new to XML/XSL and one of the first cofusions I had to sort out was
the "missing" piece of visual output processing software, be it on screen or
paper.  It just seemed so "obvious" to me that this "should" be there, that for
a couple of weeks I kep thinking that I was missing something in the way it all
came together and worked.  Finally I figured out that no it is just not there
yet as any kind of standard (official or de facto) means of implementing it.
It would be really useful, in my opinion, if this was rectified (at least on
the Java front) with a formating engine class library that easily processed
XML+DTD+XLS into an AWT display and common (read PS + RTF + TeX + PDF, etc)
output.  I am aware that parts of this is being addressed with technology such
as James Tauber's FOP, but a more comprehensive solution under an Open Software
Licence would certainly be nice.

hmm....I didn't start this note with this intention, but I guess what I am
really getting down to is asking if there is interest among the members of this
list to take this on.


anette.engel@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi Guy,
> Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I am not only dealing with displaying
> documents in a browser , but also with printout. Apart from that there are
> still
> browsers which don't support XML and XSL at all.
> Cheers
> Anette
> Guy_Murphy@xxxxxxxxxx on 01/14/99 03:22:49 PM
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> Subject:  Re: Existing XSL processors
> Hi Anette.
> The second part is pretty much up to the browsers. You can output pretty
> much aything you want (as long as it's well formed) as long as your target
> browser will support it, and render it. At the moment that leaves us pretty
> much with HTML and/or XML w/CSS. The second part is more an issue of agreed
> output than anything.
> There might be a proof of concept browser/application out there somewhere
> that supports formatting object as per the current XSL spec, but not in
> wide circulation. Anybody seen such a beast?
> Cheers
>      Guy.
> xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on 01/14/99 07:22:51 PM
> To:   xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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> Subject:  Existing XSL processors
> Reading the XSL Draft of the w3 consortium it is said:
> "XSL is a lnaguage for expressing stylsheets. It consists of two parts:
> 1. a language for transforming XML documents, and
> 2. an XML vocabulary for specifiying formatting semantics"
> So far I had a look at XSL engines which implement the first part.
> Is there by any chance a XSL engine, which implements
> the second part too?
> Regards
> Anette
> anette.engel@xxxxxxxx
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