XSL-T, XTL.... or XQL?

Subject: XSL-T, XTL.... or XQL?
From: Guy_Murphy@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 1999 11:46:06 +0000

Thought that the following surmation of moves with XQL migh prove
interesting to those interested in dismembering... sorry, clarrifying and
marketing... oops, don't know where my heads at today... clarifying and
making more accessible XSLs two parts... Please forgive, I couldn't resist
::puts foot in mouth::


I've maintianed for a long time now that persuit of a general purpose XML
transformation language would be best done under the
banner of XQL, or at least starting under XQL.

The reason for this is that XSL addresses a specific set of XML
manipulation, ie that manipulation that involves the presentation of
XML. XQL on the other hand has a far broader range of goals and for those
interested in a broader range of utilities than the presenting
of XML to the user, I feel XQL might better serve their desires without
leading XSL into areas of concern that where not it's initial remit.

[paraphrase: Look! Look over there! The grass is greener, and surely much
more to your taste.... go eat their grass.]

It may interest some to know that the likes of ObjectStore are already
terming their use of XSL pattern matching syntax as XQL
in their marketing blurb.

Anyway, I swore I wouldn't start ranting again, so I'll quit while I'm
ahead :)


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