RE: Creating Hyperlinks using XSL and XML

Subject: RE: Creating Hyperlinks using XSL and XML
From: "Sall, Ken" <ksall@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 11:20:56 -0400

If you really want to use elements other than <A> to indicate links, you can
use the syntax:

<ArbitraryElementName xml:link="simple"

However, this will limit which tools can process the XLink. I recently
discovered that the W3C Amaya browser handles this nicely.

- Ken Sall, WDVL

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> Subject: Creating Hyperlinks using XSL and XML
> I'm currently working on converting some HTML to XML+XSL and 
> I was wondering
> how to handle hyperlinks.  For example, what would the XSL 
> look like to
> handle the following such that the produced HTML would create 
> a hyperlink on
> "XSL List":
> ...
> <brown_nose>
> 	The <link url="
> <> "> XSL List 
> </link> is a great
> place to ask questions about XSL.
> </brown_nose>

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