Re: Attribute_Formatting

Subject: Re: Attribute_Formatting
From: Johnny Lee <xml@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 13:15:36 -0400

	Short-time lurker, first-time caller.  I'm wondering about something that
might very well be rather elementary.  To be a bit more specific, I'm
wondering how I can format an XML document at the attribute level (using
XSL).  That is, I need something akin to CSS that can reach "into" an
element and format according to sub-element (i.e., attribute).  (I can't be
limited by CSS in that I cannot make too much use of the attribute "class.") 
	I realize that this may have been discussed on this list already, and my
apologies if this is the case.  However, I cannot seem to find the answer
to this in the archives or on the web. 
	Private responses are encouraged, and if the answer is out there, please
point me to it.  I'm more than willing to do my own legwork here.  What I
really need are syntactic examples of how I can take items from the same
element and format them differently -- according to their respective
	For instance, suppose I have a listing of four <listitems> and want to
format each in a different way.  How can I do this with XSL?  Can I do this
with XSL?  Alternatively, how can I accomplish this with DSSSL or CSS?  (I
would rather aim for an XSL solution, even though I know of no XSL-capable
browsers to date.)  Again, private responses are very much encouraged.

Thanks in advance,

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