Re: Parsing errors on unknown entities (unicode characters)

Subject: Re: Parsing errors on unknown entities (unicode characters)
From: Michael Laing <mpl@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 09:25:34 -0500
David Carlisle wrote:

> The xsl below will extract an XML compatible entity file (or files) from
> unicode.xml, just edit it to get the sets you want, as posted it just

The xsl worked very nicely for me with xt, but I had to modify
unicode.xml to take care of two '&amp 's.

Here's the error-producing portion of unicode.xml:

<character id='U0009' dec='9' mode='text' type='other'>
 <latex>&amp </latex>
 <entity id='Tab' set='mmlextra'>
   <desc>tabulator stop; horizontal tabulation</desc>
 <description>control HORIZONTAL TABULATION</description>

<character id='U000A' dec='10' mode='text' type='other'>
 <latex>&amp </latex>
 <entity id='NewLine' set='mmlextra'>
   <desc>force a line break; line feed</desc>
 <description>control LINE FEED</description>

xt reported: 'file:/home/mlaing/xsl/unicode.xml:45: character not

nsgmls reported: 'unicode.xml:45:12:W: reference not terminated by refc

Replacing '&amp ' with '&amp;' eliminated the error.


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