RE: To DTD or Schema? Issues for Transformiix, Soblotron etc

Subject: RE: To DTD or Schema? Issues for Transformiix, Soblotron etc
From: MarkH@xxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 14:19:39 +0100

Many thanks for your extensive and informative response to my queries which
I have found very useful. I'm not yet sure what approach to take in the
short term but am in a much better position to evaluate the options and come
to a decision.

As soon as I posted (naturally) I realised that I hadn't mentioned the
MSXML3 parser/processor, which we have already ruled out in the short term
because, firstly it is non-redistributable. The second reason is that when
it does become distributable it is likely to require installation of IE4.01
SP1 as a base requirement which we don't wish to impose on our users. Your
points about interoperability will of course be a further factor in our
choice of implementation. I now have to look seriously at the default
attributes issue, but worry that it may be only one of many which arise out
of early adoption of a schema based approach. Sh*t!

Has anyone else been through this process of delivering a reasonably
interoperable XML format, and possibly also XSLT processing? If so I would
be very interested in your experiences and conclusions.


Mark H

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