Image in XSL?

Subject: Image in XSL?
From: "Medina, Edward" <emedina@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 18:36:32 -0400
Hello Folks!

I'm trying to have a banner show up in HTML
without the source being in the XML.  How 
can I do that in XSL?

I know that in HTML you can do it 
with <A HREF="location"/> how can you do it in the 
XSL.  I know how to set an image to the background
but, how do you have a banner?

I tried

		<IMG >
		<xsl:attribute name="SRC">
		<A SRC="file:H:/xml/test/disp_jsr_banner_gif" /> 


		<IMG >
		<xsl:attribute name="SRC">

However neither work, any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance, 


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