RE: node-set() function in MSXML?

Subject: RE: node-set() function in MSXML?
From: Andrew Kimball <akimball@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 16:43:58 -0700
Mike Kay wrote:
> I believe this non-compliance in MSXML is merely that it processes
> which the spec says it must report as an error: it doesn't cause any
> stylesheets to behave differently from the way the spec says they should.
> the only real portability impact is that a stylesheet that "works" on
> won't port to something else.

Another problem exists with this syntax: conformant processors might flag
"$x/foo" as an error at compile-time (I don't know if any currently do).  If
"msxsl:node-set($x)/foo" is used instead, then other processors will only
give a runtime error if that statement is executed (not allowed to throw
compile-time error).  This makes it possible to write a stylesheet that
switches on "xsl:vendor" and uses the node-set function particular to a
particular vendor.

~Andy Kimball

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