RE: Page breaks for text-only (not HTML) output?

Subject: RE: Page breaks for text-only (not HTML) output?
From: "Bjorn Boxstart" <bboxstart@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 08:22:03 +0200
I think you should look for a XML publishing system like FrameMaker + SGML,
Adept Publisher or something with formatting objects (FOP, probably the
cheapest solution). In that case you have much better control of what you
are placing on you page and where.



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Subject: Re: Page breaks for text-only (not HTML) output?

>   I'm using $xA for new line but can't seem to find a similar code for a
>   page break.
> and how do we know what the page break command for your printer's
> language  is?

The solution must be non-printer specific... which rules out post script.

> tell us how you propose to control the printer...

I'm very new to this entire environment (this is my first project) so please
excuse my ignorance. The process I am working with is this:
I am provided with an XML file containing a batch of documents.
My XSL file converts this to a .txt file using whitespace generated with
strategically placed spaces and line feeds which format the text so that
when printed, it will be properly placed on the stack of pre-printed empty
forms that are located in the printer. The .txt file, once generated, is
sent to the printer via a DOS command. (Not bad for my first XSL project
:-) )

My output method is text and my encoding is UTF-8.

I am currently achieving pagination using line feeds but the boss would
prefer a page break. Our eventual goal is a non-printer specfic solution.

Does any of this give you a better clue what I'm trying to do?

Thanks so much for your assistance!

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