Re: mathml xsl stylesheets?

Subject: Re: mathml xsl stylesheets?
From: STENZEL@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 13:49:11 +0200

>STENZEL@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > Sebastian, fair question ... The final goal would be to tranform
> > Docbook/MathML documents to HTML
>thats a fairly impossible request

:-) Ok, to be more precise:
... transform Docbook/MathML documents to something, which can be viewed
with a HTML browser ...
Note, this might include
- transforming the MathML to GIFs
- transforming the MathML to something else
- keeping the MathML and use a browser pug-in
- ...

> > and Latex
>thats _fairly_ easy. the xmltex package includes a partial
>implementation of MathML2, which could easily be turned into XSLT in a
>matter of minutes

:-) You would not have these minutes it takes, would you? :-)

Maybe some more background information is needed:

xmltex is a XML parser implemented in TeX ...I must admit I am (still) too
much of a LateX (and therefore TeX) beginner to feel comfortable with the
idea of fiddling too much with my TeX setup, adding this and that package,
modifying this and that configuration file ...
I spent some time with SGML Docbook, DSSSL, Norman DSSSL stylesheets and
JadeTex, making it work was sort of painful, too complicated (for me) to
setup to do it more than once ... (sorry this is going to far away from XSL
and this list, so I stop here)
Then I switched to XML DocBook, XSL, Normans XSL stylesheets for HTML plus
some stylesheet which I adapted from HTML to output TexML. Once I realised,
that TexML is not needed, I modified those to out output 'basic' LateX
directly (not a lot is supported so far, but it basically works)
This setup is much simpler: a 'standard' TeX installation, a 'standard' XSL
engine (be it Xalan or Saxon or whatever) plus some stylesheets (NO
additional TeX/LateX packages, NO additional programs to 'texify' special
characters) and bingo: HTML and PDF from the same source documents
And now I would like to include some mathematical formulas... :-)

>well, I use one which does an identity transform of any <math>
>elements it finds, but thats probably not what you want!

probably not. thanks anyway for the offer ... and all the replies so far


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