Saxon: "unknown protocol"

Subject: Saxon: "unknown protocol"
From: "Webber, Andrew" <WebbeA@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 08:54:55 -0400
I've written a very simple stylesheet to transform an XML instance to HTML.
(Actually as I've removed things to try and track down the problem, it
doesn't actually do much).

When I run the transformation using XMLSpy and Instant Saxon as an external
XSL converter, I get this message:

"Output of external XSL converter:
Transform failed: unknown protocol: u"

I also get this if I run from an MS-DOS window.

I ran one of the simple examples from, to confirm that my copy of
Saxon was working.  It was fine.  Only if I comment out the <!DOCTYPE... in
my instance does it run.  Is there likely something in the DTD that would
cause this?


Andrew Webber
HoC PRISM project
cell:  613-797-8123

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