RE: XML target

Subject: RE: XML target
From: Kay Michael <Michael.Kay@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 13:46:20 -0000
> I'm doing the transformation client-side.

Then you have to invoke a transformation within one frame and direct the
result to an object within another frame. Should be quite possible, it just
requires you to get all the object references to the Dynamic HTML window
model right.

Mike Kay
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> > How can I do the following thing: I have a file with three 
> > different XSL's
> > (xsl:include) that looks like a frame-page with menu (top), 
> navigation
> > (links) and a main part.
> To generate three HTML frames you either need to do three 
> transformations,
> or to do one transformation that produces multiple output 
> files using a
> vendor extension to achieve that. Whether or not your stylesheet was
> assembled from three modules combined using xsl:include is 
> quite irrelevant.
> > Is it possible to do so that hyperlink in my menu
> > (top) changes the main part of my site and only this part but 
> > menu itself and navigation stand still?
> > 
> Yes, but the approach you adopt will be quite different 
> depending whether
> you are doing the transformation client-side or server-side.
> Mike Kay 
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