[xsl] Netscape Navigator not displaying emdash

Subject: [xsl] Netscape Navigator not displaying emdash
From: "Typrowicz, Jim" <jim.typrowicz@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 15:06:33 -0400 (EST)
I have an emdash character (a long dash) that I would like to display on my
HTML page, which is generated with Cocoon/XSL.  The character displays fine
in IE but not Netscape.

I have something like:  ...test &#x2014; test

In IE it comes out "...test - test", as it should.  In Netscape it comes out
as "...test &mdash; test".

I tried a trick suggested on the board previously that replaced the & with
&amp; but I still get the same result.

Anyone run into this problem before?

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