[xsl] RE: Elements between attributes with equal values

Subject: [xsl] RE: Elements between attributes with equal values
From: Oliver Sick <o.sick@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 14:40:16 +0200
Hi Rene,

>If you want this, I think your XML-design is wrong.

You're absolutely right, but I have no influence on
the particular structure of the XML-document :((

>use an xsl:for-each to skip to the first "2" element you seek and save its
>then do a xsl:for-each for all elements with a position() higher than the
>saved position and not having the "2"

In deed that's not really that what I want to have. I only want 
to get the set of all elements BETWEEN attributs with equal values.

So if you look at
the example below I want to get the elements 

<aaa format="1" >  <bbb>blublu</bbb> </aaa>
<aaa format="4" > bloblo </aaa>

but not

<aaa format="1" > xxx </aaa>

I'm sure there is a solution using your recipe and some
further call-templates with some with-param, but I have the 
hope there is a simple combination of xpath + xsl 
expressions for this job so that one xsl:if is enough ...


>Hi all,
>how can I get ( the content of ) all elements of
>the same type between attributes with equal values,
>eg.assume I want to get the elements (or its content)
>between the two formats with value "2"  :
><aaa format="1" > foo </aaa>
><aaa format="2" > <ccc>blabla</ccc> </aaa>
><aaa format="1" > <bbb>blublu</bbb> </aaa>
><aaa format="4" > bloblo </aaa>
><aaa format="2" > bar </aaa>
><aaa format="1" > xxx </aaa>
>So I want to get access to the following elements
><aaa format="1" >  <bbb>blublu</bbb> </aaa>
><aaa format="4" > bloblo </aaa>

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