Re: [xsl] Element Declaration -- ANY

Subject: Re: [xsl] Element Declaration -- ANY
From: Jörg Heinicke <joerg.heinicke@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 00:43:01 +0200
> In myDtd.DTD I have declared an element as such
> <!ELEMENT MyElement ANY>
> <!ATTLIST MyElement
> In myXml.XML :
> <MyElement myAtt="1">
> This one of fine.
> </MyElement>
> <MyElement>
> This one does not have Attribute... I got error:
> This file is not valid:
> Text not allowed inside element 'MyElement'.
> </MyElement>
> -----------
> Why do I get an error for the 2nd element? shouldn't ANY support parsed
> character data?

My thoughts tell me that it should support PCDATA. But in the spec there is
nothing written about PCDATA in ANY
(, last line, 1
line above 3.1.). But if not with ANY how should it be written if PCDATA and
ANY are allowed?

<!ELEMENT test (#PCDATA | ANY)*> won't work.

> And how come I only get error for the one WITHOUT an Attribute?

That's right. You set the attribute 'Number' to #IMPLIED, not to #REQUIRED.
But the Parser should give you an error about the attribute 'myAtt', which
is not declared.


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