Re: [xsl] line feed problem

Subject: Re: [xsl] line feed problem
From: Chuck White <chuckwh@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 09:21:52 -0800
> <Dept_Hours>Monday  - Thursday        8:00am  to  4:00pm
> Friday                              9:00am  to  12:00pm
> Tuesday Evening            6:30pm  to  8:30pm
> Call for exact times for accountant</Dept_Hours>

Hi Gene:

If this is your XML, I suggest visiting the following site for the basics on
why this XML isn't well-executed:

It provides an excellent overview on the core nature of XML. Then, change
your XML into a better structure by either creating more elements and/or
attributes to break that data up into more usable chunks.

If it isn't yours, look at the XPath spec to see how to work with
substrings, and you can create some code to output the line breaks using a
combination of substrings to catch the areas you need to break and a line
feed character reference (&#10; decimal, &#x000A; hex) .

Chuck White
The Tumeric Partnership
Author, Mastering XML, Premium Edition
Sybex Books, May, 2001

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