RE: [xsl] match on attribute anywhere

Subject: RE: [xsl] match on attribute anywhere
From: "Bryan Rasmussen" <bry@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 18:10:53 +0100
>I don't know if that's deeply significant, but it is interesting, and
>prompts one to notice a class of problems (namely those where you need two
>templates to fire on the same node, one to address one layer, another to
>address a layer "on top") that can be addressed using this feature of
>xsl:apply-imports. Surprise: it works as intended. And that class turns out
>to be broader than just customizing standard stylesheets. (Like the class
>of problems addressed by keys, which is broader than cross-referencing.)

I would be interested in seeing some examples of this, it sounds eminently
reasonable but am having trouble pulling away from xsl-fo to focus on better
use of xslt theorizing right now, meaning that I can't just sit down and try
to work out anything abstract and not in my highly particular problem area
at the moment.
:) :(  :)  how does one do putting up a brave face icons?

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