Re: [xsl] Xinclude prob

Subject: Re: [xsl] Xinclude prob
From: "Joerg Heinicke" <joerg.heinicke@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 09:19:46 +0100
I wonder about this message. How old is your Xalan, which version do you
have? Furthermore you should remove the line
xmlns:xinclude=""; - or when your xalan is
to old only use this line (not xmlns:xi="";)



> Hi!
> I trying to use xinclude to merge another xml file with another one.
> I receiving this kind of message from the Xalan:
> XSLT warning: Could not resolve prefix xi:include
> (/var/www/xslt/BackToNormal.xsl, line 27, column 33)
> The src code of xsl file:
> <date><xsl:text>Date: </xsl:text>
>     <xi:include href="date.xml" parse="xml"/>
> </Date>
> This is what the result xml file looks like:
> <Information xmlns:xlink="";
> xmlns:xinclude="";
> xmlns:xi="";>
> <Border>
> <LocateDate>
> <TopicBorder>Location and Date</TopicBorder>
> <Location>Location: </Location>
> <Date>Date:
> <xi:include href="date.xml" parse="xml"/>
> </Date>
> So the problem is that the file is not shown or "written" open
> to be visual. Hope ya understand what I meen =)
> Please give me a helping hand.....

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