RE: [xsl] Re: nodeset extension in .Net?

Subject: RE: [xsl] Re: nodeset extension in .Net?
From: "bryan" <bry@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 15:57:09 +0200
Kirk Evans wrote:
>Bryan -
>	I just posted an example in the thread "nodeset extension in
.NET" on >this
>mailing list.  The  key is to pass the correct class type.  The mapping
>XPath types to .NET XPath classes is shown:

>W3C XPath Type		.NET XPath Class
>String			System.String
>Boolean			System.Boolean
>Number			System.Double
>Node Fragment		System.Xml.XPath.XPathNavigator
>Node Set			System.Xml.XPath.XPathNodeIterator

>To pass a node set, you only need to pass an XPathNodeIterator as the
>paramter to the stylesheet.  You can create an XPathNodeIterator using
>CreateNavigator method of the XmlNode class, which XmlDocument

Thanks! this totally clarifies all the problems I was having yesterday.
I was certain I had to pass an XPathNavigator, and as it kept failing
when I did I stupidly just kept plugging at it in all sorts of weird
attempts. Your clear association of Node Set with XPathNodeIterator has
also helped to make a lot of stuff I've read in various documentations
fall into place, so thanks again. After reading your email I solved my
problem in about five minutes.

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