[xsl] Using the document function

Subject: [xsl] Using the document function
From: RShonk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 14:59:07 -0400
I am currently working on a project to dynamically generate PDF documents
from a servlet. I embedded FOP 0.20.4 using  Xalan 2.3.1 into our web
application. My original plan generated 4 xml files. 3 containing data from
the database and the 4th containing the path and files names. I had
expected to be able to use <xsl:variable name="file1" select="document
('filename1')"/>, etc.  in my XSLT stylesheet with the file name determined
by the values in the xml file. This apparently will not work since the URI
value for filename cannot be assigned at run-time. Does anyone have any
suggestions / experience on how to handle this. I am gueesing I am going to
need to do an XML to XSLT conversion first to set the filenames and then
the XML to FO conversion to create the PDF's.

Richard Shonk
Flowserve Corp.
Programmer / Analyst
Parts Distribution Center
Moosic, Pa.
(570) 451-2225

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