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Subject: RE: [xsl] amp
From: "Stevenson Ngila" <Stevenson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 11:24:24 +0300
The data come from the DB, and it's the user who feed the DB hence can not
control user from using '&'. Is there  a way of escaping this character if
the data comes from the DB? I have resaerched all over on the  internet but
have not gotten an appropriate explaination. It tells me to use '&amp;' but
this data comes from the DB, how can i pick all '&' and trasform them in to

Please assist, it's this discussion i mostly rely on in terms of knowledge

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> I have a database driven intranet which uses XSLT to format
> the XML files. it crashes when it encounters '&'. How can i
> stop this from happening?
Change the software that's generating the XML so that the XML it
produces is well-formed.

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