RE: [xsl] amp

Subject: RE: [xsl] amp
From: Jarno.Elovirta@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 13:39:16 +0300

> The data come from the DB, and it's the user who feed the DB 
> hence can not
> control user from using '&'. Is there  a way of escaping this 
> character if
> the data comes from the DB? I have resaerched all over on the 
>  internet but
> have not gotten an appropriate explaination. It tells me to 
> use '&' but
> this data comes from the DB, how can i pick all '&' and 
> trasform them in to
> '&'.

You could preprocess the data with e.g. sed, perl, or with the tool you're using to retrieve the documents, just by replacing every '&' character in the document with "&". This could, however, not work if the XML document contains entity references (like  ) or character entity references (like  ), in which case you should only replace the ampersands that are not entity delimiters.



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