Re: [xsl] absolute position fo:block to attain magazine like layout

Subject: Re: [xsl] absolute position fo:block to attain magazine like layout
From: "W. Eliot Kimber" <eliot@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 12:39:54 -0600
G. Ken Holman wrote:

1. Position your main block absolutely as a block-container. Set the z-index to a large number to ensure it's positioned on top.

I think the z-index should be immaterial since we are avoiding writing in the area. Remember that the z-index only determines what is on top of all of the things at a given place on the page, all of which are still visible. So the flaw isn't here.

Ah--I was thinking of the case where this absolute area would contain a graphic--for example, a common magazine design is to have an intro graphic that straddles two columns at the top of the columns. Thus, my desire to fiddle z-index for this area.

2. In the start-side column, use an edge-ward side float whose extent will equal that part of the absolute block that would impinge on the column.

I think this could not be positioned vertically in the column ... there would be no way of guaranteeing when to start the side float. The side float goes to the side of the block where the side float is flowed, so you would have to ensure to do so only when you are flowing information at the middle of the page.

Yes, this approach requires that you know where the columns start--that is, it will work for a first-page treatment, but not for a subsequent page where the block is in the middle of the column--in that case, you are 100% correct, this can't be done without additional FO functionality to do synchronization. (Although maybe you could do something with a block container in the flow--hmm. I'll have to try this now.)


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