[xsl] FOP : Grouping by position - Out Of Memory

Subject: [xsl] FOP : Grouping by position - Out Of Memory
From: "Renzo Callant" <Renzo.Callant@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 09:52:35 +0100
Hi all,

i've been looking in the archive for an example of grouping by position with 
Apache FOP, but i can not seem to find a working example. 
I have a large xml-file, that i have to transform to a .pdf report. It's about
200 pages (but it can get larger !). It's done with a for-each for every record.
And i need to have 2 records/page.
I have to limit the amount of memory used by java to 128mb. 
The result is that i get an "out of memory"-error.
In the archive i've learned that "grouping by position" would be the solution
to the problem. How can i split up the for-each so that i only have 2 records
on one page, and that the memory does not get exhausted ?

Renzo Callant

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