RE: [xsl] Javascript embedded in PDF with FOP possible?

Subject: RE: [xsl] Javascript embedded in PDF with FOP possible?
From: "bryan" <bry@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 14:56:35 +0200

>With Adobe Acrobat it is possible to add Adobe jscripting to PDF files.
>After researching a bit I found (correct me if i'm wrong) it is not
>to use external COM/OLE objects from Acrobat JScript like it is in
>Only the internal Reader/Plugin objects: doc, search, fullscreen,

>From what I remember of the subject, which it's quite a while since I
looked at it, you can't do this with any of the well-known FO
processors, the only chance I would think you would have is with Adobe's
and then using an extension function of course. 
Also From what I remember you can't create Objects but I think you might
be able to Get objects. 
At any rate scriptable PDFS, which I personally think has to be one of
the dumbest ideas in the history of programming not created by me, are
implemented using a form of ecmascript, not per se the jscript of IE, 

-here's a short description of the scripting from a presentation at on 'interactive documents':

Complete JavaScript/ECMAScript 1.5 implementation based on the Netscape
"SpiderMonkey" library.
-Supports all "core" objects & methods
-Acrobat-specific DOM
.Does NOT include any "browser" DOM!
-Runs in a "sandbox"
.No access to file system, system configuration or Network

here's the original presentation:

it seems pdfsages has some tools for working with interactive pdfs,
might help you out. 

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