RE: [xsl] Passing in a node value

Subject: RE: [xsl] Passing in a node value
From: "Passin, Tom" <tpassin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 09:16:04 -0400
[ Gregory Propf]
> Ok, I didn't read that carefully.  So you use a parameter with a name 
> like root_item_sub_item1_sub_sub_item1 and then select for when that 
> parameter is set and matches the node id, right?  So I need as many 
> parameters as nodes.  That seems messy to me.  I'd rather set 
> the node 
> value somehow.  I'm getting the idea this is not possible.

Assuming that the work would be done at the server, you could create a
second xml file that contains a list of the nodes to expand, and use
document() to give the stylesheet access to it.  Whenever a node is
identified as one from the list, the stylesheet indicates it should be
expanded.  You could use a key to make this quick and easy.

Another approach is to expand the menus using javascript, and use the
list of nodes to write a bit of javascript to do it.  You could pass the
nodes for expansion as a javascript array or associative array.


Tom P

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