[xsl] FOP conversion font problems

Subject: [xsl] FOP conversion font problems
From: Mike Ferrando <mikeferrando@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 13:53:52 -0700 (PDT)
I am converting documents from XML using XSL into FO files then
using FOP to convert these into PDF.

The problem I am having is that some of my NCR are not transforming
(Numeric Character Reference). My FO file is correct. The
Character NCR is retained "&# 299;" (space added so that you can see
what the NCR is without the space it could appear correctly or
incorrectly) in the FO file.

The transformation is when I run my FO document through the FOP
Command prompt>fop file.fo file.pdf

What I see instead of the correct character (i with a line over it)
is a "#" (pound sign).

<element>Solov&# 299;</element> (space added)

S & R '&#' with '& amp;#_'

<fo:inline>Solov& amp;#_299;</fo:inline> (space added)

S & R '& amp;#_' with '&#'


I know my XML XSL transformation is no problem, since I regularly
transform XML into HTML or SGML. So, I am trying to fix the problem
that occurs between the FO file and the PDF output file.

I went to the FOP site but I cannot get the jar script to run
correctly. I do not have a cmr10.ttf file on my pc. I am using
Windows 2000.

I regularly get this error when I run my command line.
[ERROR] unknown font Arial,normal,bold so defaulted font to any

Any suggestions?
Mike Ferrando
Washington, DC

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