RE: [xsl] coping with huge xml-saxon

Subject: RE: [xsl] coping with huge xml-saxon
From: "Michael Kay" <mhk@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 23:24:51 +0100
> So what exactly is the memory limit for XSLT transformations? 
> I know that Michale Kay in his book mentions that documents 
> larger than 1 or 2 MB cannot be processed by an XSLT 
> processor, because, as you say, the processor loads them into memory.
> However, why his this limit so low? On my box I have 256 MB 
> of memory. It is not uncommon for a new machine to have 500 
> MB of memory--or even double that amount.
> It seem that if you have 256 MB of memory, you ought to be 
> able to handle a document of around 50 MB. (I think the 
> processor actually requires something like 4 times the size 
> of the document--or was it 10?)

Using Saxon, I have successfully processed 20Mb documents on a 128Mb
machine, and I have heard of people processing 100Mb documents on a 1Gb
machine. You need to learn how to tune the Java VM memory settings, of

Michael Kay

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