RE: [xsl] xsl:sort in old MSXML

Subject: RE: [xsl] xsl:sort in old MSXML
From: "Claudio Russo" <crusso@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 11:59:50 -0300

Thanks for the prompt reply. I still don't get the whole picture.

1) Regarding Javascript: So you say that it runs JavaScript in my machine, maybe cause IE 6.0 installs a "system" (I would says processor or interpreter, isn't it?). If this didn't happen, it would run. So I assume that not all browsers could see my application unless this is flag is on (I mean they have such feature in their machines as well).

2) XSLT: If the application conforms to the ""; it will probably run fine on any browser higher than 5.0. 

3) XML: My XML file resides on different directory of the HTML that has the XSL code, but on the same site, and has no Stylesheet reference on it. The construct is as follows: Run HTML inside a frame, which onLoad calls a javascript function that loads the DOM and calls a Stylesheet against the XML which shows the data inside a DIV field in the HTML (please see "Ranking" under


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  So, as in the code I sent you, when I use: 


  1) It means that "xsl" and "fo" stick to the standard (and will run on
     any implementation of IE and Netscape), but "msxsl" and "ms"
     doesn't stick to it. 

Neither IE nor netscape implement XSLT FO.
But your code was generating HTML so you don't need that namespace at

XSLT specifies an extension mechanism, and most systems have extensions.
So it is conformant for MSXML to have the msxsl extension namespace but
obviously it doesn't work anywhere else.
Really you should learn the language first and then start using
extensions later.
If you knew C and didn't know Java you could write all your "java" code
as a simple wrapper that used the JNI to call functions written in C,
but it wouldn't be portable and it wouldn't be "the java way".
What you are doing is exactly the same, rather than trying to write XSLT
you are trying to escape to run functions in other languages.

> 2) What about "js"? Isn't it portable the code?

No its not portable at all. Most XSLT engines do not include a
javascript system (Why should they?). As you are using an XSLT system
built into a browser and that browser also has a javascript system there
is an extension provided to let you call each language from the other,
but that is not usually the case.

> 3) Access to server: My application is in yahoo geocities. Even I
> 3) don't have access to the "server" I can still browse the page with
> 3) the stylesheet. Why do you say I cannot use XSLT? 

You can (you said you have IE6) but you were asking about IE4 and
netscape 4. If you serve XML files that have an <?xml-stylesheet
refering to an XSLT file then people with ancient browsers can not read
your file.


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