Re: [xsl] xsl:sort in old MSXML

Subject: Re: [xsl] xsl:sort in old MSXML
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 16:46:55 +0100
1) Regarding Javascript: So you say that it runs JavaScript in my
   machine, maybe cause IE 6.0 installs a "system" (I would says
   processor or interpreter, isn't it?). If this didn't happen, it would
   run. So I assume that not all browsers could see my application
   unless this is flag is on (I mean they have such feature in their
   machines as well).

Not all XSLT is run in a browser. saxon and xalan for example (two of
the more popular ones) are java applications, and there is nothing that
says there has to be any way of running javascript in such an
application. If your file is running in IE6 then it will work (unless
the user has turned off support for scripting in their security options)

 2) XSLT: If the application conforms to the
    ""; it will probably run fine on
    any browser higher than 5.0.

It will run in mozilla version 1 as well, in theory it might run in
netscape 6 but I wouldn't rely on it, safer to use netscape 7.
I have no idea about other browsers version numbers (not all browsers
keep their version numbers in sync) Opera for example does not 
support xslt at all, neither does lynx. I'm not sure about IE5 on a mac
(does that do XSLT at all?)

3) XML: My XML file resides on different directory of the HTML that has
   the XSL code, but on the same site, and has no Stylesheet reference
   on it. The construct is as follows: Run HTML inside a frame, which
   onLoad calls a javascript function that loads the DOM and calls a
   Stylesheet against the XML which shows the data inside a DIV field in
   the HTML (please see "Ranking" under 

If you get all that to run in a cross browser way, you are doing well.
there is no standard API for initiating a transform from javascript
so your script would have to detect what browser it is running on and
then do whatever is necessary in each case. Some people may be able to
help with this,.


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