[xsl] as efficient as possible...

Subject: [xsl] as efficient as possible...
From: "Corey Wilson" <corey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 13:06:27 -0400
      <id />
      <name />
         <id />
         <earnerId />
           <productId />
           <rate />
          <id />
          <name />



I am trying to get a list of the products that are listed in the <products>
node that are also in the <commission/product> node... The way I have above
works.. but it seems to be very slow... I am working with a large amount of
data... but I was curious if there was a better way?   $earnerId would be
the current earner I am trying to calculate totals for... Thanks very much
for any help!!

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