RE: [xsl] Using not(...a nd ... ) to select nodes

Subject: RE: [xsl] Using not(...a nd ... ) to select nodes
From: "Lars Huttar" <lars_huttar@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 15:37:49 -0500
Michael Kay wrote:
> current() always refers to the node that "." would refer to if you
> replaced the whole XPath expression containing the call on current()
> with ".".

I already said this was helpful, but let me just emphasize that this
statement would be a useful addition to the current() function
page (463) in the XSLT Programmer's Reference!

I'd been studying that page, but until you said the above, I still
wasn't sure of the answer to my question.

The bullet about <xsl:for-each> says that "each selected node in
turn becomes the current node." That sounds like it means only
nodes that actually pass the select="" test [each *selected* node]
become the current node. But I wasn't 100% sure until the above made
it more explicit.


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