Re: [xsl] multi-document question

Subject: Re: [xsl] multi-document question
From: "Bruce D'Arcus" <bdarcus@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 05:02:43 -0500

On Nov 24, 2003, at 4:38 AM, David Carlisle wrote:

An xslt system is allowed to output characters in any way that produce
the same input when parsed. Since &#x00E9; and an e-acute character
produce the same input to any XML parser either of these may be used.
An XML parser doesn't care.

Thanks for the explanation.

So do you consider it a bug if a processor does one thing with one template, and another thing with another template?

(hope this renders right in your email client!)
It did, which suggests that actually you posted a latin-1 e-acute which
presumably wasn't the output of your stylesheet, which was specifying
utf-8 output.

I'm not following you here; can you explain again? Are you just pointing out that I had first said a-acute, and what I posted was really e-acute? If yes, the first was a mistake.

I'm just confused by your latin-1 vs. utf-8 distinction above. The file was indeed output as utf-8.


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