RE: [xsl] killing xslt

Subject: RE: [xsl] killing xslt
From: "M. David Peterson" <m.david@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 04:57:38 -0600
> With a little software development experience, I'd suggest
> a port of the current Saxon would be a sufficient challenge?

Without a doubt this is going to be something that I believe will be
just about every combination of enlightenment and frustration with
everything in between. So I agree, phase 1: porting existing Saxon 7.9.x
to C#/.NET will be sufficient to keep myself and Pieter busy for quite
some time.  And never missing an opportunity to reach out for more
support, please contact Pieter (mail@xxxxxxxxxxxx) if you would like to
extend any level of development effort towards this project.

> If xsd takes off then its a good second phase. If not?
>   Wait and see?

Agreed.  With Saxon processors covering both Java and .NET and
sufficient time to allow a complete cycle of development, test, and
production scenarios we should then be better equipped to make such a
determination.  Thanks for your guidance David :)

> I'm coming to the conclusion that there's enough new stuff,
> both good and bad, in xslt 2 without adding schema verification.

Without a doubt.  Again, thanks for your advice!  As both Pieter and I
are still fairly young (well, guessing only by Pieters picture on his
Wrox book but it seems were both in our early 30's) I can imagine that
we will probably be looking for continued guidance to ensure that were
not making any foolish steps along the way.  Don't worry, you wont be
getting daily pings asking what a vector is or what does it mean to
overload an operator so that we can add two vectors ;) (both Pieter and
I have fairly extensive C, C++, and now C#/.NET backgrounds) but I have
no doubt that if there comes a time where a decision needs to be made
one way or another regarding the proper way to approach a particular
development problem we will be looking to you, Michael, and all of the
senior level developers on the list for guidance.  Especially if that
decision has to do with the inclusion or exclusion of an XSLT 2.0

My guess is that we will rely on the activity from the projects main web
interface ( for those who haven't been keeping track
of the post's) to keep as much of this project and the related questions
regarding development issues and feature implementation from spilling
out into this list.  I don't want to second guess Pieters project
management technique but I think that it will be safe to say that if
there is a need to look to the list for help it will be done through one
communication port avoiding the problem of having multiple people asking
the same or similar questions several times.

>     My reasoning for taking a cautious approach is simple. If I
>     understand correctly there is going to be a commercial
>     release of Saxon 7.9.x that will include the Schema support
>     of the XSLT 2.0 spec. As such, out of respect to Michael
>     Kay and the simple fact that this is his brainchild, his
>     blood, his sweat, and his tears of many, many, combined
>     years I think we owe it to him to get his nod of approval
>     before moving forward with taking it to that level.
> I'll leave Michael to answer that one.

>     *** To Dave Pawson: Is this offer still valid?
> yes.

Fantastic!  In that Pieter will be taking on the overall management of
this project I will leave it to him (unless he requests me or someone
else to report instead) to contact you with the details of progress.  Im
sure you will know when the time has come to make the post.  Again, your
offer is very much appreciated!

> regards DaveP

Thanks again and best regards,


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