Re: [xsl] Performance degraded with grouping and sorting.

Subject: Re: [xsl] Performance degraded with grouping and sorting.
From: Colin Paul Adams <colin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 30 Oct 2004 18:30:26 +0100
    >>  Are there any implementations of XSLT 2, other that Saxon?

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Kay <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Michael> A few under development, but none yet generally
    Michael> available.

To clarify that a little, mine is generally available, in that anyone
who wishes could check the source code out from
and compile it for themselves, if they so wish. At least one person is
doing this.

But it is not generally available in the sense that I have not yet
made any binaries available for downloading. I am thinking of doing so
in about a month's time.
At the moment, several features, such as xsl:analyze-string, and
Simplified Stylesheet Modules (yuck! who thought that one up?) have
not been implemented at all, and the XPath function library
implementation is rather sparse, but it will work for some

Colin Paul Adams
Preston Lancashire

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