Re: [xsl] how to understand a complex stylesheet

Subject: Re: [xsl] how to understand a complex stylesheet
From: Colin Paul Adams <colin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 14 Dec 2004 19:19:21 +0000
>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Koberg <rob@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    >>> Which template gets matched/called will depend on the XML
    >>> source, rather than the XSL.
    >> That is, of course, true. Without information about the input,
    >> you can only get references which are created e.g. by
    >> xsl:call-template tags. But this could be interesting, too, for
    >> a start. So an advanced tool would analyze a stylesheet with a
    >> given input. I guess that this is quite difficult to realize.

    Robert> You could use (something like) OxygenXML's XSL debugger
    Robert> ( to step through a
    Robert> transformation. That would give you the info you need, I
    Robert> think??

Or examine trace output from a transformation.
Colin Paul Adams
Preston Lancashire

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