Re: [xsl] how to understand a complex stylesheet

Subject: Re: [xsl] how to understand a complex stylesheet
From: Michael Norman <michael.norman@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 20:07:40 +0100
Hey Robert.

PXSL and related languages are indeed interesting approaches to "clean" up the source code of XSLT stylesheets. But the problem remains: you take one look at it, and you still don't understand that much. You still have to roam through the source code to get answers to: which template calls which template;

Which template gets matched/called will depend on the XML source, rather than the XSL.

That is, of course, true. Without information about the input, you can only get references which are created e.g. by xsl:call-template tags. But this could be interesting, too, for a start. So an advanced tool would analyze a stylesheet with a given input. I guess that this is quite difficult to realize.



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