[xsl] java. Lang. illegal State exception

Subject: [xsl] java. Lang. illegal State exception
From: "Jim Hickam" <hickam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 09:49:00 -0600
I am new to the list and apologize in advance if I am not following protocol

I have an urgent need to solve the following issue.

When navigating to a XSLT based web page generated via XML/XSLT/Filemaker I
receive the following message:

"java. Lang. illegal State exception; Cannot create a session after the
response has been committed"

Site Explanation
I have created an HTML table of XSLT page links at the top of each page in
the web site. These links direct the user to a findrecords.xsl page that is
connected to a specific database table. The findrecords.xsl is a form that
allows the user to query a database table. There are 27 different database
tables thus the html table features 27 links to 27 findrecords.xsl. Each
findrecords.xsl is uniquely named and after the initial error message I can
navigate to them and they work fine. In fact, everything on the site works
great but for this error...

The last row of the HTML table features the links that are automatically
generated by the FileMaker Site Assistant utility ( the site assistant
creates default pages and common features) for each web page (Show All
Records", "View List" "Find" "Add", etc.)

The aforementioned error occurs intermittently (but often) and always
directs me to an xslt code row and column in the last row of the HTML table
(Show All Records", "View List" "Find" "Add", etc.) regardless of the link I
am using.
However, these links are generated automatically by the FileMaker Site
Assistant and I have not edited them. The links (Show All Records", "View
List" "Find" "Add", etc.)work and Oxygen (the xslt editing program) does not
indicate an error.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this?

Jim Hickam FSA
Hickam Development and Training, Inc.
Productivity Solutions For The Computerized Workplace
PO Box 372187
Denver, CO 80237

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