Re: [xsl] Formatting issues

Subject: Re: [xsl] Formatting issues
From: ms <mina_hurray@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 09:58:12 -0800 (PST)

Actually, the text "This has values high and steep"
was only to indicate that if the conditional values
were high and steep, then this text should be
displayed. The textual matter is not important. What
is important is the formatting for each level like 1,
2, etc.

Does that make sense? Please let me know if you need
more information. 

Thanks a lot
--- Abel Braaksma <> wrote:

> Hi Ms,
> It is better to just include the parts of the
> original message that are 
> needed for your reply, and leave the rest. That is
> easier for others to 
> read in the archived messages and in the list (see
> the list guidelines).
> >
> > 1. This has values high and steep
> > 2. This has values high and steep.
> >     A. This has values high and steep.
> >
> > But what I am getting is this:
> >
> > 1. This has values high and steep
> > 1. This has values high and steep.
> >     A. This has values high and steep.
> >
> > Please let me know how this ca be resolved.
> >   
> This may be crystal clear to you, but I am still at
> a loss: you want the 
> first line of the input repeated at several levels?
> And you don't want 
> counting at all? In that case, just append "1. ".
> But I assume you mean 
> something else and that this is just a cut n paste
> error. Where go "high 
> and low" and "high and deep"? What are the attached
> levels (meaning: can 
> you add in your output a hint of where the text
> comes from and from what 
> level?).
> I'd like to help, but I must have a good
> understanding of what you want 
> (ain't that always the case? ;) before I can
> continue.
> > This template repeats for level2...6
> Hmm, looks to me at first sight as if you attempt to
> tackle the problem 
> imperatively (like as if it were a procedural
> language), instead of 
> declaratively. If you can clarify the output queries
> for me, I (or 
> anybody) may be of help to give you a somewhat
> easier solution.
> -- Abel

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