Re: [xsl] RE: XSL editor recommendation

Subject: Re: [xsl] RE: XSL editor recommendation
From: George Cristian Bina <george@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 12:04:13 +0300
Hi Tony,

Tony Nassar wrote:
> [...] Oxygen is pretty nice, and seems to support more parsers, but when I used it, it lacked hotkeys for debugging (c'mon!). [...]

oXygen allows you to define shortcuts for all its actions. If a shortcut is not provided by default or if you do not like the existing shortcut just go to Options->Menu shortcut keys and look for that action and specify the desired shortcut. All the debugger actions are grouped under the "Debugger" category.

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
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